Our grading system starts with 9th Kyu (Red Belt), all the way through to 1st Kyu (3rd Brown Belt) and then onto the ultimate goal of 1st Dan (Black Belt).

We assess new grades every 3 months as follows:


Grade on specified grading night in front of a grading panel. The panel will consist of Jo and Helen and invited guests from within the Elite International Network or associated clubs and peers. The adult grading fee is £20 and this is to be submitted along with your license prior to the grading day. All successful students will be awarded their new belt and certificate the following week at the beginning of the class.


The grading time scale is the same; 3 months. However, we feel it is important for children to feel like they are achieving and progressing regularly. For this reason, we use a ‘tab’ system where we set them goals each month, breaking down the belt syllabus into 3 sections over a 3 month period.

Each month they will be assessed on a section and awarded a tab which we put on their belt. When they reach 3 tabs, they will then be assessed on the whole syllabus attached to the belt colour they are attempting. If they can prove that they can complete this to the required standard, then we award them their next colour belt.

A grading fee of £20 are charged only when your child receives a new belt. We don’t attach any charge to the tabs they achieve. Once grading fee and license is submitted, we will then receive their new belt and certificate which will be awarded at the beginning of the next class.

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